Meredi´s new album, Stardust, lifts you. As part of this amazing release, Velvet decided to work with the incredible pianist on a heartfelt music video for one of her pieces, Above. Created as both an artistic experiment and an opportunity to help such an amazing artist, the video is inspired by a picture from Edgar Atget, while the style reflects our passing through a vast space of eternal black and white existence. Making for a picturesque yet abrasive setting. The music video was shot in the Sexauer Gallery in Berlin, where art meets the melody of profound culture. 
Everything bearing down on you is taken away. What was heavy is now light. You begin to float and your mind is set free. 

The melody is an eternal reminder of our affection with time. Giving a brand new way of connecting the past and the future. There is no set structure you must follow on life’s path, break out and experience the freedom of existing above it all. Be courageous. 

Travel through time and space leaving every ending as a moment of rebirth and opportunity to start a new. This new beginning may be fragile, but embrace it and drift with it. Take on the burden of caring for yourself and use it to fuel your courage. 

This music opens the window to your soul and reflects the gentleness of the composer’s thoughts while also showing nostalgia play its course within her mind. While keeping hold of the past we can become complacent. We need to embrace the experiences of life while also giving way to the beauty that is above us all. Stay connected with hope while embracing the elegance that is hidden all around us. 

Stardust is Meredi´s very first release album. Opening a sensitive dreamscape in which you yourself are given lift. 

Her delicate touch of the piano alone will give you the courage to glide in a way you never have before. A youthful feeling of freedom with intense emotions. Cascading through the calm piano sounds, poetic melodies and analogue synths create an expansive atmosphere.

Quietly emerging from a deeper sense of longing. Above, drifting, hovering in space. Longing for freedom. Reflecting within ourselves and our presence in this incredible universe.


The passionate artists who worked with this project decided the theme of “existence above” gave way to thought and brought lightness to the vain existence of time. Giving depth to each detail which remains like a flame, burning in our heart. 
director: Matthias Zentner
cinematographer: Torsten Lippstock 
3D director: Fabian Hofmann, Schallplae
idea: Fabian Hofmann, Matthias Zentner
concept art: Lara Frank
Animators: Felix Hörlein, Fabian Hofmann, Valentina Rutz, Wolfgang Haas, Fred Weinl
editor: Matthias Zentner
Flame artist: Andreas Rathmacher, Chris Weingart
colorgrading: Tom Gonsior
producer: Matthias & Maria Zentner, Velvet Mediendesign GmbH
music: Meredi 
produced, recorded, mixed and mastered on August 26th at LowSwing Studio and Meredi`s home by Guy Sternberg 
hair & make up: Ellen Grabandt
styling: Laura Caufapé
costume design: Marina Hoermanseder
shooting location: Sexauer Gallery